Your Sales Mindset

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We learn about what questions to ask, how to ask them, and when to ask them. Those are all VERY important, and that’s what I’ve been writing about since December of 2017, but NONE of those questions can be asked unless you know what context you are operating under as a salesperson and what your frame of mind is. So here we go.
The context you are ALWAYS operating under on your calls is WHY ARE WE ON THE CALL and IS THERE REASON TO SPEAK FURTHER. Again, WHY ARE WE ON THE CALL and IS THERE REASON TO SPEAK FURTHER. This is true for your discovery call, your demo call, and your next steps calls. This allows you to have the CONFIDENCE to question your prospects with HONESTY as to why they are currently facing issues, why they are asking certain questions, why they feel things need to be different, why not stick with the way things are, what they are afraid of, and what effects they believe their problems COULD HAVE on their business. Your context is your foundation, and it has to be STRONG. Because if your prospects don’t realize that they have or could have serious problems with their business, there is no reason to be on the call and no reason to speak further.
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