Own your calls. Like, in reality

by Apr 10, 2019Blog0 comments

You’ll be more successful on your #coldcalls and #discoverycalls when you let the prospect know that you’re taking full ownership of the call. For example, when you’re cold calling, after saying ‘Hi Bob, It’s Mike Smith, how have you been?’ following up with an ownership statement like ‘I know I’m catching you out of the blue here…’ shows that you know exactly what you are doing and you are owning up to it because you are confident in what you have to say next. When on a discovery call, saying things like “I have a few more questions for you, some of them may be direct, yet I want to make sure we can determine if there’s a fit to help you or not. Is that ok?’ This shows that you are taking full responsibility for the call, communicating the purpose of the call with the prospect’s time and respect in consideration. —- Own it.

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