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How Do We Actually Work Together?

  • A coach from the SalesShare team will come to your office once or twice a week for an agreed-upon period of time. In that time, we will meet individually with each AE and/or SDR who will be receiving coaching. 

  • Prior to arriving, we’ll ask you to send at least one recorded call from each AE/SDR receiving coaching.  In order for our coaching sessions to be as effective as possible, we review the recorded calls in detail prior to our meeting so we know exactly what to focus on with each AE/SDR. 

  • During our individual coaching sessions, we first get to know each salesperson to discover their own perceived strengths and weaknesses and give them the chance to learn more about us. 

  • We then conduct a full detailed review of the recorded calls. Our feedback typically focuses on one or two big takeaways (as well as a lot of other small takeaways and suggestions) to help the AE/SDR begin to improve immediately.

  • If applicable, we will also conduct role-plays with each AE/SDR, ensuring they have the confidence to implement better approaches as soon as possible.

  • We keep ongoing notes for senior management via a shared document, including the most common areas of weakness across the team as well as a detailed review of each AE/SDR session.

  • In between each coaching session, we analyze the progress of each AE/SDR each week by listening to updated recorded calls. In particular, we see to what extent each individual has implemented their new strategies, what the results were, and opportunities for further improvement. 

The ultimate results of our program are higher closing rates and greater confidence from everyone on your sales team.

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